Katherine Carscallen - Dillingham, AK

Katherine Carscallen - Dillingham, AK

Vol. 1 of the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Almanac was such a success that we’re doing it again, and we need your help! The Almanac serves as a cultural touchstone, a practical guide, and window into the lives of young, Alaska fishermen. If you or a young fisherman you know have fishing photos, songs, recipes, pro-tips, stories, art, poems, musings, advice, admonitions, and/or mischief to share please click the button below or email them to almanac@akmarine.org.

Need ideas? Keep scrolling for some examples from Vol. 1.

Marissa Amor - Life After Death

Marissa Amor - Life After Death


"I am a fisherman.

It is not merely something that I do,

it is who I am.

Fishing is not simply my escape,

it is where I truly belong.

Where I am supposed to be.

It is not a place I go,

but a lifelong journey I am taking.

It is a passage my father showed me,

and that I will continue to show others.

When you understand all of this, you will

then know me,

and we will fish together."

~ author unknown

Claire Neaton - Pickled Fish Recipe

Claire Neaton - Pickled Fish Recipe


Making do with Marissa Wilson

“COCONUT OIL (don't roll your eyes, the hippies probably didn't tell you everything)

Particularly in its organic extra-virgin state, coconut oil is antifungal, antiviral AND antibacterial. Are you yeasty somewhere? In need of a personal lubricant? Short on butter? Cursing your salt-cured hair? Out of shaving cream? Your friend COCONUT OIL is there for you. Rub it on wooden spoons, squeaky hinges, and the tightly muscled back of your good-looking crewmate. It's solid at 75 degrees fahrenheit, fluid at 76. Are you? Didn’t think so.


The abrasive properties make it a gentle exfoliant for the face, teeth, and dirty sink you pretend not to notice so that you don't have to clean it. Sprinkle, rub, done. DO IT.

A half teaspoon dissolved in a half cup of water is also an effective antacid. It will deodorize your fridge, garbage bin, and help fight small class-B fires (from fuel, oil, grease).”


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AMCC Working Waterfronts Program Manager, Jamie O’Connor prepping for dinner - Ekuk, AK

AMCC Working Waterfronts Program Manager, Jamie O’Connor prepping for dinner - Ekuk, AK