Recruitment and Engagement

By Carina Nichols

Commercial fishing has long been an iconic Alaskan profession. As a fisherman, each day on the water is different and it is absolutely a unique and special kind of work. Fishing demands a unique breed of individual – you must be resilient, optimistic, business savvy, hard-working and tenacious.


By Georgeanna Heaverly

I haven’t been a fisherpoet for long, but upon diving into this creative world that seems to go hand in hand with ripping fish out of the ocean to feed the world – I felt a perfect fit. Being out on the water and connecting with the salmon brings out an intense inspiration that I believe you cannot find anywhere else.

PSAs Reveal Tips for Young Fishermen

By Danielle Ringer

Alaska’s Next Generation of Fishermen study has been working since 2014 to study the graying of the fleet in Alaska fisheries. Our research team has conducted 130 interviews with fishermen and surveyed more than 800 students in fishing communities in the Kodiak and Bristol Bay regions.

Talking Money: ALFA's Spring Expo to Feature Fishing Finance Workshop

When talking to young fishermen about their fishing operations, and what they most need to make them run, the conversation often lands on money. Investment capital. How to get it, and how to manage it. Starting even a modest fishing business can be expensive, and so are the risks we take in trying to make that business successful. Any fisherman can tell you, these realities don't have an age limit.