Anchorage Area Fishermen Gather for Pre-Season Mixer


The Network has been celebrating spring in Southcentral Alaska this year, reaching out to fishermen in Homer, Kodiak and Anchorage. Most recently, Anchorage area fishermen met at 49th Street Brewing Co. in downtown Anchorage for the first...but not last...pre-season Network mixer. 

Anchorage-based fishermen hail from across Alaska's coast line. Polling the more than 30 people gathered for beer and pizza last Thursday, not a single fishing area was left out. We talked about the winter groundfish effort, shared plans for the coming salmon season, and made new friends over our food and fish talk. 


After watching people exchange numbers for possible crew jobs, and offer each other names for good welders and net builders to cover pre-season projects, we have a feeling that this will be the first of many similar events to come. This was an awesome opportunity to enjoy the company of our fellow fishermen, and build contacts for our fishing businesses. It demonstrated the value of creating time and space for fishermen to meet new people within the marine industry. While our home fishing circles are vital and often tight-knit, sharing knowledge and stories across gear groups and geographies can provide new in-roads and insights. Thanks to everyone that came out to visit, and good fishing to you all.