New Alaska Young Fishermen's Network Coordinator


AMCC has has brought Noah Sunflower on board to act as the Alaska Young Fishermen's Network Coordinator

Noah is an experienced political and community organizer who has been working to support Anchorage Working families for the past 5 years; first as an organizer for unions and most recently at Habitat for Humanity where he was the director of homeowner services where he brought, construction volunteers, government agencies and corporate donors together to put low income families into permanent housing. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Lehigh University.

Noah was brought up on an organic farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He owes his passion for food policy to his parents who were pioneers of the slow food movement. His first fishing experience was catching home stocked bass and catfish in the pond on his family farm at the age of 6.  He has a unique appreciation for aquatic ecosystems as he has been down more rivers than most people can name.  He worked as an outdoor rafting, kayak and fishing guide all over the united states and internationally.  He has seen first hand what irresponsible resource extraction and overfishing can do to fisheries and he is eagerly looking forward to helping AMCC support fishermen by focusing on habitat and abundance based fisheries management in Alaska.  

Noah is eagerly looking forward to building on all the hard work that has already been done to build AYFN and he is excited to help the organization evolve and prosper.