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Fall Fishermen's Expo, November 7th-9th

Fall Fishermen’s Expo November 7th-9th




The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association will partner with the Sitka Seafood Festival to host a Fall Fishermen’s Expo in Sitka from November 7th-9th, 2017, providing workshops, educational events, and networking opportunities for commercial fishermen and the public. The main expo events in November will be preceded by an open meeting with representatives from the International Pacific Halibut Commission on October 30th.

The expo, modeled after similar expos held by ALFA in the past two years, is part of an effort to expand the usual summer festivities of the Sitka Seafood Festival beyond the fishing season and provide educational opportunities that benefit our local fishing industry and economy- giving back to the fishing heritage that supplies our local seafood. Thanks to sponsors including SEARHC, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, the City of Sitka, and several local businesses, all events are free and open to the public.

Information and trainings offered are targeted towards both older, more experienced fishermen and younger people who are looking to gain mentorship and experience in the industry. Workshop topics will include: best practices while running a fishing business, policy updates, bathymetric mapping trainings, safety courses hosted by AMSEA, and seafood marketing information.

“By partnering with ALFA to host the Fall Fishermen’s Expo, the Sitka Seafood Festival aims to both celebrate and support our local seafood industry,” said Willow Moore, director of the festival. “I’m very grateful that we are able to continue to offer these workshops for free, thanks to the support of our sponsors and community.”

The educational events will be accompanied by nightly social gatherings, including the first ever “Fishermen’s Job Fair”, sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, an event that will be open to all where fishermen can mingle and look for prospective employers/crew. The job fair will be held at the Mean Queen at 5:30 PM on November 8th.

The majority of the events on November 7-9th will be held at Centennial Hall in Sitka. Visit for a detailed schedule, including presenters, locations, and workshop times.

Schedule and Info


Willow Moore, Director, Sitka Seafood Festival: 907-747-3400

Alyssa Russell, Communications Manager, ALFA: 508-566-6098

Noah Sunflower
New Alaska Young Fishermen's Network Coordinator

AMCC has has brought Noah Sunflower on board to act as the Alaska Young Fishermen's Network Coordinator

Noah is an experienced political and community organizer who has been working to support Anchorage Working families for the past 5 years; first as an organizer for unions and most recently at Habitat for Humanity where he was the director of homeowner services where he brought, construction volunteers, government agencies and corporate donors together to put low income families into permanent housing. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Lehigh University.

Noah was brought up on an organic farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He owes his passion for food policy to his parents who were pioneers of the slow food movement. His first fishing experience was catching home stocked bass and catfish in the pond on his family farm at the age of 6.  He has a unique appreciation for aquatic ecosystems as he has been down more rivers than most people can name.  He worked as an outdoor rafting, kayak and fishing guide all over the united states and internationally.  He has seen first hand what irresponsible resource extraction and overfishing can do to fisheries and he is eagerly looking forward to helping AMCC support fishermen by focusing on habitat and abundance based fisheries management in Alaska.  

Noah is eagerly looking forward to building on all the hard work that has already been done to build AYFN and he is excited to help the organization evolve and prosper.


Noah Sunflower
AMCC is Hiring for Two Positions!

AMCC is seeking two talented individuals to complement our current team: a Fishing Community Organizer (who will also serve as the new AYFN Coordinator!) and a Communications and Development Manager. The deadline to apply for both positions is Monday, September 18th. Please share these job postings with your networks and encourage qualified Alaskans to apply!

Hannah Heimbuch
PSAs Reveal Tips for Young Fishermen
Billy Sarandria works his family's beach set-net site in Naknek, AK. 

Billy Sarandria works his family's beach set-net site in Naknek, AK. 

Alaska’s Next Generation of Fishermen study has been working since 2014 to study the graying of the fleet in Alaska fisheries. Our research team has conducted 130 interviews with fishermen and surveyed more than 800 students in fishing communities in the Kodiak and Bristol Bay regions. Our main objective was to better understand barriers to entry and upward mobility for the next generation of fishermen in Alaska.

While we finalize project reports and a white paper outlining policy alternatives to address challenges surrounding intergenerational access, we’re also working to share project results with a broad audience. Over the past three years we have compiled a wealth of advice about fishing careers from seasoned fishermen and industry experts. This summer we also reached out to other longtime fishermen and experts asking for advice for young and new fishermen. Their advice ranges from the nitty gritty of money management to finding a crew job to what questions to ask when looking to buy a boat.

We turned some of this advice into Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that were aired on coastal radio stations recently in an effort to better support and educate the next generation of Alaskan fishermen. We will also be sharing this advice through our project's Facebook page on “Tip Tuesday” and on our project website. We hope that by sharing these tips we can offer some hard won wisdom that can take years to come by to those in the early stages of their fishing careers!

~ Danielle Ringer, Kodiak, Alaska


Hannah Heimbuch