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AMCC is Hiring for Two Positions!

AMCC is seeking two talented individuals to complement our current team: a Fishing Community Organizer (who will also serve as the new AYFN Coordinator!) and a Communications and Development Manager. The deadline to apply for both positions is Monday, September 18th. Please share these job postings with your networks and encourage qualified Alaskans to apply!

Hannah Heimbuch
PSAs Reveal Tips for Young Fishermen
Billy Sarandria works his family's beach set-net site in Naknek, AK. 

Billy Sarandria works his family's beach set-net site in Naknek, AK. 

Alaska’s Next Generation of Fishermen study has been working since 2014 to study the graying of the fleet in Alaska fisheries. Our research team has conducted 130 interviews with fishermen and surveyed more than 800 students in fishing communities in the Kodiak and Bristol Bay regions. Our main objective was to better understand barriers to entry and upward mobility for the next generation of fishermen in Alaska.

While we finalize project reports and a white paper outlining policy alternatives to address challenges surrounding intergenerational access, we’re also working to share project results with a broad audience. Over the past three years we have compiled a wealth of advice about fishing careers from seasoned fishermen and industry experts. This summer we also reached out to other longtime fishermen and experts asking for advice for young and new fishermen. Their advice ranges from the nitty gritty of money management to finding a crew job to what questions to ask when looking to buy a boat.

We turned some of this advice into Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that were aired on coastal radio stations recently in an effort to better support and educate the next generation of Alaskan fishermen. We will also be sharing this advice through our project's Facebook page on “Tip Tuesday” and on our project website. We hope that by sharing these tips we can offer some hard won wisdom that can take years to come by to those in the early stages of their fishing careers!

~ Danielle Ringer, Kodiak, Alaska


Hannah Heimbuch
Anchorage Area Fishermen Gather for Pre-Season Mixer

The Network has been celebrating spring in Southcentral Alaska this year, reaching out to fishermen in Homer, Kodiak and Anchorage. Most recently, Anchorage area fishermen met at 49th Street Brewing Co. in downtown Anchorage for the first...but not last...pre-season Network mixer. 

Anchorage-based fishermen hail from across Alaska's coast line. Polling the more than 30 people gathered for beer and pizza last Thursday, not a single fishing area was left out. We talked about the winter groundfish effort, shared plans for the coming salmon season, and made new friends over our food and fish talk. 

After watching people exchange numbers for possible crew jobs, and offer each other names for good welders and net builders to cover pre-season projects, we have a feeling that this will be the first of many similar events to come. This was an awesome opportunity to enjoy the company of our fellow fishermen, and build contacts for our fishing businesses. It demonstrated the value of creating time and space for fishermen to meet new people within the marine industry. While our home fishing circles are vital and often tight-knit, sharing knowledge and stories across gear groups and geographies can provide new in-roads and insights. Thanks to everyone that came out to visit, and good fishing to you all. 

Talking Money: ALFA's Spring Expo to Feature Fishing Finance Workshop

When talking to young fishermen about their fishing operations, and what they most need to make them run, the conversation often lands on money. Investment capital. How to get it, and how to manage it. Starting even a modest fishing business can be expensive, and so are the risks we take in trying to make that business successful. Any fisherman can tell you, these realities don't have an age limit.

For those of you in Sitka, a great stop the first week in March is the Spring Fishermen's Expo, hosted by the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association. They've packed several great opportunities into the two-day event, but a key highlight for young fishermen — and anyone wanting to brush up on their fishing finance knowledge — is the 12:30 p.m. Financial Skills for Fishermen workshop on Thursday the 2nd at the Sitka Sound Science Center. Attendees will hear from experts on funding opportunities and accounting for fishing businesses, and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Click here for more information about the Spring Fishermen's Expo, or contact:
Linda Behnken, Executive Director, ALFA: 907-738-3615
Alyssa Russell, Outreach Coordinator, ALFA: 508-566-6098

If you're interested in hosting a similar event in your community, or would like us to feature one on this site, contact Network Coordinator Hannah Heimbuch at The Network aims to connect people to opportunities like this one, and support young fishermen in creating their own. 

Don't forget some of the other great resources out there for business planning, including Alaska Sea Grant's FishBiz site. This excellent online tool can help you develop your business plan and the successful future of your operation. Also from Alaska Sea Grant, check out this great resources page for other helpful links to financial information and best business practices.